Sermon Videos

8/2015 - Reid Temple AME Church, Glendale, MD

Sermon Topic: Defying All Odds

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

This is a textual message prayerfully exhorts the listeners to not get caught up in natural, social, and even church adversities. Rev. D.'s core hope in this message was to inspire the believers and faithful followers of Christ to view "adversities as opportunities" which will allow them to "defy all odds" against them in order to realize unimaginable victories in their lives.

8/31/2015 - Devotional Moment at a Christian Academy

Lesson Topic: Come Drink from the Fountain

Scripture: I John 5:7-12

As an "Administrator Intern", Rev. D share this 13 minute morning devotion and topical Bible Lesson that highlighted ways which God used water to carry-out Divine acts in the lives of believers. Rev. D. surveys familiar Biblical themes pertaining to water in order to convey the importance of acts of the Holy Spirit in chastisement, cleansing, liberating, affirmation, and refreshing the lives of believers and followers of Christ today. This assemblage is attended by K-12 teachers and administrators during their customary Monday morning devotion.

8/2/2015 - Pleasant Grove MBC, Baltimore, MD

Sermon: "Alive In Christ"

Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-9

This message is pastoral textual sermon in which the congregants are enlightened in what it is meant to be "alive in Christ" or "spiritually alive". As an introduction within this message, Rev. D. emphasized the importance of being "alive in Christ". Using a contemporary example of an episodic television series "The Walking Dead", he compared the differences between being "spiritually dead" vs. "spiritually alive". Lastly, in a pastoral approach, Rev. D. surveyed the book of Ephesians highlighting today's 21st century controversial issues pertaining to the Christian lifestyles of husbands and wives, issues in LGBT-alternative lifestyles, and emphasized how God uses "togetherness as a family" in order to fight against the wiles of the devil.

2012 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon: "A Time To Sew"

Scriptures: Isaiah 55: 10-14; Matthew 13:23

This is a pastoral type message in which prior to the sermon scriptures, Rev. D encouraged the church through the nation's post near-depression challenges. In the sermon, Rev. D inspired the congregation that God sends and/or allows dilemmas to come partly to change our hearts. And although we believers experience challenges, we are not consumed as we walk by faith and trust God in his Word. Therefore, in the midst of our own struggle and despite our lack of substance to share, we yet can "sew" (give) from the abundance of God's Word within us which will help others immeasurably.

2012 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon: "Preach Preacha!"

Scriptures: Ezekiel 37:4; Acts 2:14

This message is a pastoral message offered to encourage us ordinary believers through life's challenges. Specifically, this message was presented to show the congregation 2 things:

1. God can use our lives' and our sufferings to preach a message to others.

2. God can use the way that we rise from challenges to illustrate the "good news" (gospel) of Jesus to others, about how God restores believers.

2011 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon "God Uses Both The Old & New in the Kingdom"

Scripture: Matthew 13:52

As the new pastor of this church (in 2011), Rev. D. emphasized the importance of both the "seasoned saints" as well as the "younger members" of the church. The focus of this sermon centered around the effectiveness of seasoned saints working well with younger members when all say "No to the kingdoms of this world, but Yes to the Kingdom of Heaven".