Sermon Videos

1/2017 - Annual Officers Installations Service, Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD

Sermon Topic: Thank God for Unsung Heroes

Scripture: Acts 9: 26-30

In this message Rev. D exhorted the church to be thankful for sending "unsung heroes" into our lives who are not afraid, or jealous, nor ashamed to guide, disciple, speak for us, and send us unto God's mission. Through the narrative of the Apostle Paul's transformation from executor to apostle, Rev D highlighted the unnamed figures whom were helpful in God's work for ensuring Paul's elevation.

2017 - Fathers Day - Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD

Sermon Topic: When Things Get Out of Control

Scripture: St. Luke 7:19-23

Using Isaac's (Abraham's son) turbulent experience of his father's five (5) water-wells being intentionally covered by the Philistines in order to cause his family and livestock to suffer, Rev. D offered a few bible-based principles for the fathers, in Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ, to utilize when things get out of control in their own personal lives. He closed this message highlighting what Jesus did when things appeared out of control that ended him up crucified, dead, and in the grave.

(Hint: Jesus healed himself and rose!)

2017 - Central Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

Sermon: God Is Kind

Scripture: II Samuel 9: 1-12

In this message, Rev. D. highlighted the "kindness of God" through a narrative of God’s servant (King David) and his niceties towards Mephiboseth.