Sermon Videos - 2018


11/2018 - Annual Missionary Anniversary -

The Greater First Baptist Church, Washington, DC

Sermon Topic: "Mission: Impossible - Follow Jesus in Your Calling"

Scripture: Philippians 4:1-6 and Matthew 28:18-20

Rev. Theresa was honored to deliver the keynote message for Greater First Baptist Church's "140th Anniversary of the Elizah Smallwood Missionary Ministry." The church's missionary department members were all dressed in white, so Rev. Theresa had Storee and I dressed white suits also. Nevertheless, Rev. Theresa shared from Philippians 4: 1-6, a message titled "Mission: Impossible - Follow Jesus in Your Calling". In this "word", Rev. Theresa inspired the mission department to begin passing the mantle through discipleship of next generations. Last, in this message, through contextual biblical recounts of Peter's Walking on the Water experience, the Lame man "taking up his bed and walk" experience, and even Jesus' resurrection from the dead experience, Rev. Theresa highlighted how God often calls us believers to seemingly "...impossible missions". Listen to this message and be blessed!

Church Renewal Pt2 - Renewed MMW 09302018.mp4

9/30/2018 - Missionary Department Sunday Greater First Baptist Church, DC

Sermon Topic: Church Renewal Part II: "Renewed Mission, Ministry, and Worship"

Scripture: St. Matthew 9:14-18

In this message Rev. D. edified the church on how Jesus leads us into conceptualizing and implementing the "mission of God". in such a way that "if we listen to the young leaders concerns, reflecting on new ways of ministering to others, and making space for others to bow down and prophetically worship God, The Lord will raise the youth, families, and new communities of worshipers. Experience this message and be blessed!

9/16/2018 - Annual Men's Day Service, Freedom Baptist Missionary Church, Baltimore, MD

Sermon Topic: "Jesus is Lord: The Divine Promotion" Pt.1 Scripture: Philippians 2: 5-11

This is Part 1 of "Jesus Is Lord: The Divine Promotion". Just as we receive promotions in the secular world in the forms of financial raises, higher positions, or location transfers... The Lord provides Divine promotions to those whose lives, words, and fruitfulness Attest, Confess, and Profess Jesus as Lord, to the glory of God. Rev. Troy L. M. Denson offers suggestions to men on how our lives can glorify Christ, and thereby receive The Lord's Divine promotion in The Kingdom of God. Experience this message and be blessed of The Lord!

And in this continuation of "Jesus Is Lord: The Divine Promotion", Rev. D provided hermeneutics of the scripture, and emphasizes how the Apostle Paul was able to minister through his jail experiences, and despite his limitations of being in an "hired house". Rev. D helps the men at Freedom Baptist Church to know that their struggles are evidences of the salvation, sanctification, call, and works of Christ, and that their sacrifices are not motivated by themselves, but by Christ within them. Experience this message and be blessed!

1/2018 - Annual Officers Installation Service - Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD

Sermon Topic: God Uses the Old and the New

Scripture: St. Matthew 13:15-52

In this message Rev. D edified the members regarding how The Lord uses both old (traditional) and new principals in advancing of God's Kingdom on earth. This Word sought to inspire young and as well as seasoned members about their usefulness working together in The Lord's Church and in their communities. Experience this message and be blessed!