Sermon Videos - 2016


Sermon Topic: "Jesus: The Middleman"

Scripture: St. Luke 7:19-23

Rev. D. preached an inspired message about how Jesus exists in the middle dimension, between our earthly realm and heaven; and how Jesus can answer seemingly unanswerable questions which we face in our lives.

6/2016, Coordinator of 2nd Location, Union Bethel AME North, Oxon Hill, MD

Sermon Topic: After: What To Do After Change Occurs

Scripture I Kings 19:11-19

As Rev. D. served as "Coordinator" of Union Bethel AME Church's second location, in Temple Hills, MD, 6/2016. He shared messages to prepare this second location for the changes which would occur as a result of their Sr. Pastor being elected "Bishop". The underlying thought of this message is "What to Do After Change Occurs".