Sermon Videos - 2019

August 11, 2019

Greater First Baptist Church, DC

Sermon Title: "Its All Good"

Scripture: Genesis 1: 31

Rev. D reviewed God's creation of the heaven and the earth and exposed that while God's mission was to bring all of creation together on the 7th Day to rest, the culmination of God's active works was the creation of humanity (male & female) for caring for the earth. Thus, from a wholistic perspective, when we believers "care for the earth and eachother" with Christ-like love, we accomplish God's mission for humanity.

Sermon Title: "Check This Out!: We Are In Covenant With God"

Scripture: Jeremiah 32: 37-40

In this prophetic expository message, Rev. Troy L. M. Denson shared the likenesses between the times of Prophet Jeremiah and the 21st Century, and prophesied the components of God's New Covenant with the Church which was revealed through Jeremiah, and made manifest through Christ.

June 30, 2019

Greater First Baptist Church, DC (5th Sunday)

May 31, 2019

"Career Day"

at My son's school in his 4th Grade Class, in Maryland.

Message: "The Types, Roles, and Qualifications of Clergy"

Rev. D. was honored for his son (Storee) to request his father's presences at Career Day at his school, to present to the class "The Types, Roles, and Qualifications of Clergy". Then Rev. D. answered to the students' insightful questions regarding his experience in becoming Clergy.

Good Friday/ 2019

Jesus' Seven Last Words Service

Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD

Message: "It is Finished: Thank You Jesus"

Scripture: St. Matthew 25: 14-30

During the 7 Last Words of Christ service, 2019, at Full Gospel Baptist Church, in Cooksville, MD... Rev. Denson shares the 6th Word of Christ - "It is Finished", and offered several reasons for us to be thankful for Jesus accomplishing God's mission on earth.

2019 -

Chapel Service -

Washington Baptist Theological Seminary

Message: "Striving for Excellence in God's Kingdom" Scripture: St. Matthew 25: 14-30

Rev. Troy L. M. Denson shares to the students, faculty, and administration at Washington Baptist Theological Seminary on their Lent Chapel Service.

From the words of Jesus' discipleship training to his disciples regarding servanthood in the Kingdom of God, Pastor T L Denson encourages followers of Christ to "strive for excellence" in 3 ways.

2/2019 - 2nd Sunday,

Black History Program -

The Greater First Baptist Church, Washington, DC

Sermon: "God's Tools During Changing Times: "What to do When Things Are Out of Hand"

Scripture: Genesis 26: 22-25

From Genesis 26: 22-25, which is a narrative of Isaac's stopped-up well experiences, Rev. D offers a prophetic message to the church about our successful outcomes when we use God's Tools during their changing times.

1/2019 -

Annual Officers Installation Service -

Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD

Sermon: Challenges: An Opportunity for Worshiping God Scripture: I Samuel 7: 7-12

The occassion for this message is Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD, 2019 - Annual Church Officers Installation Services. Rev. D shares God's victory for the Israelites over the Philistines, via the Prophet Samuel's unusual but authentic sacrificial worship to God immediately before the battle begins. Contextually, Rev. D encourages God's people to worship God as their weapon of choice against challenges.